The Crumplehorn Inn & Mill

Located in the historic hamlet of Crumplehorn located at the northern most edge of Polperro the century 18th century Mill house is a Grade II listed building with the farmhouse dated to a similar period. Originally called Killigath Manor Mill it's most famous resident was Zephaniah Job who until his death in 1822. Zephaniah Job was probably the greatest single benefactor in Polperro acting as advisor, accountant and banker.

A hybrid overshoot water wheel can still be seen on the side of the Mill House, built by G.H Harris of Wadebridge it replaces the original timber water wheel. 

Above the windows of the Mill House you can see a small row of pigeon holes which are home to a large family of roosting Jackdaws. They can be seen darting in & out of the roof throughout the day.